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450 ohm, 92% velocity factor, very flexible ladder line.  Featuring 16 gauge, 19 strand, copperclad steel  conductors with a polyethylene jacket for good weather resistance to water and UV.  Stranded conductors offer better flexibility than solid, which translates into longer survivability in windy areas.


Price:  .89/ft.  Specify number of feet after adding to cart.

NEW! 450 ohm ladder line for wire antennas.  Our balanced transmission lines feature the same quality and durability of the coax cables above, because they come from the same sources!

Ladder Line

Similar to the ladder line above but with 18 gauge solid copperclad steel conductors.  Polyethylene jacket for UV and weather protection.


Price:  .60/ft.  Specify number of feet after adding to cart.

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Limited quantities in stock and long lead times possible.  Check with us before ordering chris@kf7p.com