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                           TOOLS & SUPPLIES

$7.45 ea.

The gold standard of vinyl electrical tape, Scotch Super 33+ is the go-to tape for all your cable securing and sealing needs.  Completely UV stable/resistant and heavier (7 mils thick) than inexpensive generic tapes.  Using quality products will prevent repeat trips up the tower.

  1.         7 mils thick, 200% elongation

  2.         220˚F to 0˚ working temperature.

  3.         600V insulation rating.

  4.         3/4” wide roll, 66 feet long.

3M Scotch Super 33+ Electrical Tape

100 pack,11.6” length,  $26.95 ea.

50 pack, 11.6” length,  $15.95 ea.

You know the story...you put that antenna up last summer and the ground under it is now littered with broken zip ties.  Cheap junk from the big box stores that can’t handle mother nature.

Introducing Thomas and Betts Ty-Rap® brand cable ties.  50 pound test.  Completely UV stable.  Stainless steel locking device for maximum strength and maximum life.  Ty-Rap's smooth, notch less body reduces the number of stress points to increase its useful life, while ribs and stipples grip the bundle and prevent slipping.  The low-profile head and its oval shape make it easier to pull bundled cables through bulkheads.  Easier on your hands, too. 

Let me know if there is a specific size or style you are after. Chris at KF7P dot com.

Ty-Rap cable ties

Stop making a mess every time you try to crimp a terminal lug or a Power Pole terminal!  This tool produces perfect, professional crimps without breaking the bank.  Tool crimps power pole connectors, lug terminals, butt connectors, spade terminals, bullets, and more!


  1. Comfortable, high-leverage handles

  2. Improved surface finish

  3. Premium cutting and stripping performance

  4. Two sizes of dies for small or large terminals

  5. Wire cutting tips

GB Crimping Tool

Crimp Tool                                                                                                                                  Price:  $14.45

Liquid electrical tape

Great for sealing and weatherproofing connectors outdoors.  Brush in can; 4 oz.

Price:  9.95 ea. 

High strength dacron rope.

Ring terminals.

P cushion clamps.

Related Accessories

$ 14.50 ea.

If you own a telescoping tower, this is a regular maintenance item.  PreLube 6 Is a wire rope lubricant that protects and lubricates the cables, and displaces moisture.  12 oz. spray cans.

PreLube 6

Cable drop grips, also known as a Kellum Grip, is used to hang or suspend a cable or bundle of cables.  Works well to hold cables dangling from a tower or used to haul cables to top of a tower.  Intended for cables from .94” OD to 1.25” OD.  Made from galvanized steel wire mesh with reinforced pulling eye.  11” mesh length, 1900 pound breaking strength.

$ 36.95 ea.

Cable Drop (Kellum Grip)

7/8” hardline

$8.45 ea.

When a heavier than normal tape is needed for severe environments, Scotch Super 88 is the tape you need.  Completely UV stable/resistant and heavier (8.5 mils thick) than Super 33+ above.  Using quality products will prevent repeat trips up the tower.

  1.         8.5 mils thick, 250% elongation

  2.         220˚F to 0˚ working temperature.

  3.         600V insulation rating.

  4.         3/4” wide roll, 66 feet long.

3M Scotch Super 88 Electrical Tape

$9.95 ea.

Silicone Protect and Repair Tape, another innovation from Gardner Bender, can save the day during emergency repairs. Easier than heat-shrink, cleaner than plumbers' putty, and more flexible than a vice grip, Repair Tape is a household necessity.  Stretch, wrap, and protect or repair everything from leaky hoses, pipe insulation, electrical connections, tool handles, air ducts, and cord/rope ends.  Tape is not sticky and only sticks to itself, making removal years down the road a breeze.

  1.         500˚F to -65˚ working temperature.

  2.         400V insulation rating.

  3.         1” wide roll, 10 feet long.

  4.         Stretches up to 300% its original length with 60 ppi tear strength.

GB Silicone repair tape
Grip Lock Ties™
  1. Removable, releasable, reusable!

  2. Wider than usual (.29”)

  3. Stronger than usual (70 pound rating; real world is much more)

GripLockTies has an innovative soft rubber liner to prevent damaging wire, cable jackets, hoses, and cutting into soft materials. Regular slip ties will loosen and cut into wires or cause damage to structures.  With rubber-lined GripLockTies the rubber lining cushions the wires and cables and holds fast under vibration.  With TWO UV protectors (a UV stabilizer in the nylon and a UV blocking additive), Grip Lock Ties are sure to hold your cables without succumbing to the effects of the sun.

GripLockTies were developed for aviation with UV protection, higher heat rating and a super strong positive latch, and can be repositioned during construction and then clipped flush.  Use Grip Lock Ties over and over, they are releasable/reusable!  Perfect for all cable management in the shack, outside, on the tower, under the tower, in the yard, or anywhere!

Shrink tubing

$ 3.95 ea.

For a professional finish to wiring jobs, use our polyolefin shrink tubing around connectors and wire lugs. 3:1 shrink ratio, black color.

1/8”, shrinks to .040”.  Package of four 12” lengths.

1/4”, shrinks to .079”.  Package of four 12” lengths.

Double wall, adhesive lined shrink tubing is perfect for PL259 connectors and other outdoor wiring jobs where weatherproofing is mandatory.    Heating will tightly shrink the tubing around cables and also activates the adhesive, preventing it from coming off.  UV stable. 3:1 shrink ratio.

1/2”, shrinks to .160”.  Package of four 12” lengths.

3/4”, shrinks to .250”.  Package of four 12” lengths.

1”, shrinks to .320”.  Package of four 12” lengths.

$ 2.95 ea.

$ 12.95 ea.

$14.95 ea.

$ 10.95 ea.

If there is another size, color, or style you want, please let me know and I’ll add it to this page.

When you need a little bit of everything, use our heat shrink assortment kits to guarantee the right size and color.  Comes in plastic organizing case.

Assorted colors, 160 pieces total in 4” lengths.  2:1 shrink ratio, 1/16” to 3/8”.

Black, 62 pieces in 4” lengths.  3:1 dual wall adhesive lined, 1/8” to 3/4”.

$ 15.95 ea.

$ 29.95 ea.

  1. The only vibration dampened zip tie

  2. Unaffected by UV exposure; perfect for harsh outdoor conditions

  3. Won’t damage painted surfaces, soft cable jackets, hoses.

100 pack, Grip Lock Ties, 12” long,   Price:  $47.99       


40 pack, Grip Lock Ties, 12” long,  Price:  $19.99       


15 pack, Grip Lock Ties, 12” long,   Price: $7.99      


100 pack, Grip Lock Ties, 8” long,  Price: 39.99      

40 pack, Grip Lock Ties, 8” long,   Price: $16.49   

15 pack, Grip Lock Ties, 8” long,  Price: $6.59    

Size: 12” long 

Size: 8” long 

More into on our Grip Lock Ties page HERE


Our Premium Solder is a low temperature silver bearing rosin-core solder with a melting point of 430°F (221°C) composed of 96.5% Tin, 3.5% silver and a rosin-Core of 3% and works on silver, copper, bronze, stainless steel and nickel.  It's low melting point minimizes heating of delicate parts, while producing a strong conductive bond.  The rosin soldering flux breaks down the oxide of the metals, layer the parts, and promote a strong metallic bond between the solder and parts.  The silver content of 3.5% provides added strength, vibration resistance and better conductivity than non-silver based solder.  15 foot roll in easy dispenser tube.

Price:  19.95 ea. 

Ferrite marking pens

Customize your ferrite for easy identification with our marking pens!  Ferrite comes in different formulas or “mixes”, and it is almost impossible to tell different mixes apart.  Be sure to get some of these inexpensive marking pens and customize your ferrite so you know which type to use.  White can be used as a base  for writing on with black (or other colors), or a color code chart can be used in a way similar to resistor color codes.  12 colors available.

Nite Ize® CamJam cord tensioner

Nite Ize®

Gear Tie

reusable rubber

twist tie

Nite Ize®


ZRC Cold Galvanizing Compound

  12 oz. aerosol,              $16.95

  1/2 pint can,                  $40.95

  1” wide chip brush,       $1.25

  1/2” wide brush,            $.95

The industry standard of cold galvanizing, ZRC is the perfect coating to corrosion proof towers, steel structure supports, masts, etc.  Great for touch-ups or complete coating.  ZRC leads the industry and is recognized as an equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing.  It is 95% pure  zinc dust by weight in dried film. It bonds to clean iron, steel, or aluminum to provide maximum protection against rust and rust creepage through "galvanic action".  ZRC is the only cold galvanizing compound to be considered a recognized component under the Component Program of U.L., Inc.

Disposable brushes make application and cleanup easy.