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                          GRIP LOCK TIES

Utah based air racing enthusiasts invented GripLockTies to solve the problems of ordinary zip ties that are either too tight and break or too loose and move around. Sound familiar?

GripLockTies has an innovative soft rubber liner to prevent damaging wire, cable jackets, hoses, and cutting into soft materials. Regular slip ties will loosen and cut into wires or cause damage to structures.  With rubber-lined GripLockTies the rubber lining cushions the wires and cables and holds fast under vibration.

Every time you walk under your tower do you find another broken zip tie laying on the ground that fell off an antenna or mast?  With TWO UV protectors (a UV stabilizer in the nylon and a UV blocking additive), Grip Lock Ties are sure to hold your cables without succumbing to the effects of the sun.

GripLockTies were developed for aviation with UV protection, higher heat rating and a super strong positive latch, and can be repositioned during construction and then clipped flush.  Use Grip Lock Ties over and over, they are releasable/reusable!  Perfect for all cable management in the shack, outside, on the tower, under the tower, in the yard, or anywhere!

Available with liners in red, blue, white and orange.

Grip Lock Ties™

High strength dacron rope.

Shackles, carabiners, and quick links.

Coax cable, control cable, ladder line.

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Why Choose GripLockTies?

  1. Removable, releasable, reusable!

  2. 12” and 8” lengths are wider than usual at .29”, 70 pound rating.

  3. Smaller 5” length is .17” wide for smaller wire bundles, and 22 pounds.

  4. The only vibration dampened zip tie

  5. Unaffected by UV exposure; perfect for harsh outdoor conditions

  6. Won’t damage painted surfaces, soft cable jackets, hoses

100 pack, Grip Lock Ties, 12” long,   Price:  $47.99       


40 pack, Grip Lock Ties, 12” long,  Price:  $19.99       


15 pack, Grip Lock Ties, 12” long,   Price: $7.99      


100 pack, Grip Lock Ties, 8” long,  Price: 39.99      

40 pack, Grip Lock Ties, 8” long,   Price: $16.49   

15 pack, Grip Lock Ties, 8” long,  Price: $6.59    

Size: 12” long, .29” wide

Size: 8” long, .29” wide

40 pack, Grip Lock Ties, 12” long,   Price:  $12.95


NEW!!    Small size: 5” long, .17” wide

small 5”

large 8”

small 5”

large 8”

small 5” on 2.4” OD toroid, with RG-400 coax

small 5” on 2.4” OD toroid, with RG-400 coax