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FLEX-WEAVE TM is a sophisticated hybrid aerial wire. Its new innovation provides rope lay construction strength and high flexibility. It can be tied in knots to insulators and untied for repeated use. FLEX-WEAVE TM is sometimes referred to as "wire rope" or "jewelers rope". It will not kink or rust out as will copper-clad wire. This flexible wire has also been used for rapid deployment, spool-out, military aerials.

FLEX-WEAVE TM comes in 14 Gauge (168 strands of #36 wire), or 12 Gauge (259 strands of #36 wire)  and is excellent for quads, dipoles, long wires, and rapid deployment (spooled-out) antennas.  FLEX-WEAVE TM  comes with highly UV resistant black polyethylene jackets. FLEX-WEAVE TM is the "Cadillac of aerial wire". It has been written about in all amateur radio publications since its introduction in 1989. This revolutionary product has been used by thousands of hams, commercial firms, and government agencies.

Dean, WA6PJR says "That's what all antennas should be made of" and Press Jones, N8UG, The Wireman Co. and "Guru" of wire and cable, says "The workhorse .... rope type construction for strength, ultra-flexibility, and easy handling".

Flex-Weave™ antenna wire

Flex Weave 14P

Price:  .29/ft.  Specify number of feet after adding to cart.

Perfect for the wire antenna that you don’t want anyone to see! POLY-STEALTH High Strength Aerial Wires are manufactured with high strength, high conductivity Bare Copper-Clad Steel (BCCS) and insulated with a high quality UV Resistant Polyethylene to provide you with one of the strongest and longest lasting antenna wires on the market today.  Advantages of using Poly-Stealth™:

Poly-Stealth™ 18

Price:  .30/ft.  Specify number of feet after adding to cart.

Antenna Wire

450 ohm, 92% velocity factor, very flexible ladder line.  Featuring 16 gauge, 19 strand, copperclad steel  conductors with a polyethylene jacket for good weather resistance to water and UV.  Stranded conductors offer better flexibility than solid, which translates into longer survivability in windy areas.


450 ohm ladder line for wire antennas.  Our balanced transmission lines feature the same quality and durability of the coax cables above, because they come from the same sources!

Ladder Line

Similar to the ladder line above but with 18 gauge solid copperclad steel conductors.  Polyethylene jacket for UV and weather protection.


Price:  .60/ft.  Specify number of feet after adding to cart.

                      ANTENNA WIRE  

Additional swivel eye pulley with 1/4” zinc quick link.

Price:  $5.45

Optional Accessories

304 Stainless steel pulley with 1/4” stainless steel quick link.

Price:  $21.95

Alpha Delta CIN antenna insulator for home-brew antennas.  Made from indestructible, UV stable plastic.  Sized for up to 1/4” rope and up to 8 gauge wire.

Price:  $3.95

Build your own wire antenna with our quality components!  We carry all the components needed to put up a wire antenna that will stay up!  Let us know if you have any questions or are looking for something that we don’t currently offer.  Chris at KF7P dot com.

Liquid electrical tape for sealing and weatherproofing outdoor connections.

Price:  $8.50

Don’t forget to make an RF choke for your dipole!  Check out our ferrite page for suitable toroids, and see our tech page for instructions on how to make choke baluns.

Don’t forget the hoisting rope to get the wire antenna up there!  Visit our rope page for suitable rope.

Visit our coax cable page for high quality coaxial cables.

Stainless steel “stealth” pulley, great for your “invisible” wire antennas!  Small 7/8” sheave and stainless steel frame with swivel eye.  Good for 1/8” to 3/16” rope.

Price:  $5.00

Flex Weave 12P

Price:  .40/ft.  Specify number of feet after adding to cart.

Nite Ize® CamJam cord tensioner

Price:  .89/ft.  Specify number of feet after adding to cart.

NEW! The WA1FFL Ladder-Loc® is a strain-relief and mounting support for 450-ohm ladder-line. It is UV-stabilized and has a proven field record of durability. Over 15,000 have been shipped to satisfied users.

Ladder-Loc Insulator

NEW!  Don’t assemble your next dipole antenna without one of these CENTER and END insulator combos. They're designed for strength, and to provide equipment protection with a built-in replaceable SEP Arc-Plug® Static Electricity Protector. Ideal for dipoles, Vees, zepps and all kinds of SWL receive antennas. Feeds with either coax or balanced line. Rated for full legal power.

The SEP Arc-Plug protector which is mounted in the DELTA-C center insulator bleeds off slow rising static electricity charges routing them harmlessly to ground, before they can enter the shack thru the feedline. This is far more effective than DC grounded baluns or chokes, which can be "popped" by static charges. Dangerous static charges are developed from thunderstorms, high wind driven snow or desert sand, and have been measured to 1,000’s of volts; so potent, they can puncture the dielectric of unterminated coax.

The DELTA-C Center Insulator and DELTA-CIN end-insulators are fabricated with an extremely rugged UV and RF resistant DELTALLOY material that is so tough, you can drop it off a roof without damage. Don’t rely on fragile ceramic or glass insulators! Only stainless steel hardware used in the center insulator for salt air and other corrosive environments, and all internal connections are hard soldered.

Alpha Delta Dipole Center Insulator

Price:  $15.95

Delta-C center insulator and TWO end insulators

Delta-C Insulator

Price:  41.95

Delta-C center insulator only

Price:  33.95

Ladder-Loc insulator (insulator only)


Questions? Email Chris@KF7P.commailto:Chris@KF7P.comshapeimage_49_link_0