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Installation of arrestors or other items in entry panel boxes, includes hardware.

Price:  $7/unit, any brand or model. Increase quantity after adding to cart.

Small 10”x10”x4”, 18 ga. galvanized steel entry panel box,  includes copper sheet and your color choice of powdercoat paint.  


90˚ mounting bracket for M-348 units, rotates unit so terminal strip is facing up.  Makes wiring duties much easier; with hardware.

Price:  $9

Hi Chris,

I want to thank you for the excellent workmanship on my new entrance panel!  I have seen similar panels by name brand manufacturers that cost hundreds of dollars more and did not exceed the quality of your products.  Your attention to detail and design far outweighed my expectations.  I certainly appreciate your availability by phone and email initially, and throughout the manufacturing process.  I was also impressed with the fast turn around time from order to delivery, and the professional packing job. Customer service is what keeps a company alive and growing, and you are certainly on the right track.  I have already referred several members of our local radio club to you, and will continue to do so.  

Thanks again!

Bob Molczan  KA7VPR

President,  Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club

Hi Chris,

Received my order today, very fast turn around. You have just restored my faith in quality products made in the good ole USA. Your entrance box is beautiful - no sharp edges, gorgeous copper sheet, nice paint finish and everything just plain right. Packing was excellent with attention to detail to prevent any shipping damage. Thanks for all the plastic plugs. Wife ate all the candy! And to top it off, all at very reasonable price. Your efforts are appreciated.

Again, big thanks,







Click for paint color samples

Medium 14”x14”x4”entry panel box,  includes copper sheet and your color choice of powdercoat paint in the metals and gauges below.

14”x14”x4”, 18 ga. galvanized steel box              



14”x14”x4”, 16 ga. galvanized steel box         




14”x14”x4”, .100” aluminum box                       



14”x14”x4”, 18 ga. stainless steel box

Large 14”x17”x4”entry panel box,  includes copper sheet and your color choice of powdercoat paint in the metals and gauges below.     

14”x17”x4”, 18 ga. galvanized steel box



14”x17”x4”, 16 ga. galvanized steel box   



14”x17”x4”, .100” aluminum box


14”x17”x4”, 18 ga. stainless steel box

Morgan ManufacturingMorgan_Mfg._arrestors.html










Extra large 16”x20”x4”entry panel box,  comes with copper sheet and your color choice of powdercoat paint in the metals and gauges below.      



16”x20”x4”, 16 ga. galvanized steel box         


16”x20”x4”, .100” aluminum box                   


16”x20”x4”, 18 ga. stainless steel box





Click to enlarge.

   online  reviews


Concrete mounting fixture for entry panel. 

Click pic for more info.

Terminal strip for rotor/control wire connections, 8 double terminals.

Price:  $5.50

Copper wire lug for ground wire, 4-14 gauge, and 2-14 gauge.

4-14 ga., Price:  $4.50

2-14 ga., Price:  $5.25

Package of 25 self drilling sheet metal screws for mounting Morgan arrestors to copper or aluminum sheet.        


Price:  $4

Tinned copper ground braid, 1/2” wide and 3/4” wide.  (Specify number of feet after adding to cart).

1/2”, Price: $1.10/ft.

3/4” Price: $2.25/ft.

Copper split bolt for connecting two 4 gauge copper ground wires.

Price:  $3.00

Conduit install kit for entrance panel, comes with inside bushing, locknut, male adaptor and 12” of 1.5”, 2’, or 3” ID PVC conduit.  Requires cutting conduit and terminating on the indoor side.

1.5” kit,   Price:  $11.50

2” kit,      Price:  $14.50

3” kit,      Price:  $19.50

Penetrox-A anti-oxidant connection grease.  For all aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to copper connections.  Prevents oxidation, corrosion and improves conductivity between arrestors and copper (or aluminum) sheet.  Also great for antenna element construction. 

2 oz.,    Price:  $8.45

8 oz.,    Price:  $20.95

For Morgan Mfg. lightning arrestors, go to our Morgan Mfg. products page.

For Alpha Delta lightning arrestors, go to our Alpha Delta products page.           

Optional Accessories
Medium (14”tall x14”wide x 4”deep) Models
User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?
Small (10”tall x10”wide x 4”deep) Models
Large (14”tall x 17”wide x 4”deep) Models
Extra Large (16”tall x 20”wide x 4”deep) Models

Hi Chris:

Thank you for reducing the shipping charge on my order. I appreciate you working with me.  I will need other items from you to complete my installation, so will be ordering again as soon as I get squared away with what I have.  It has taken me a lot longer than expected with the bad winter weather conditions, work and family obligations.  Everything that I have ordered from you has worked out great especially the cable entrance panel, concrete mounting fixture and Morgan arrestors.  If you ever want to use me as a reference for your products, please feel free to do so.

 73, John, N2LD



Chris, I received my 16x20 panel yesterday, and it was packaged very securely, I opened the box and was immediately impressed with the powder coat. I pulled the unit out of the box, it was very sturdy and you could tell the craftsmanship that went into this product. I am really impressed with the quality and workmanship that goes into your products. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone.






Entry Panel is very high quality and easy to setup and use. Chris has been very patient and helpful as I called and asked questions.

Mark KC3SL



9/1/2014 Best buying experience for HAM equipment. Amazing speed. Great for advice by email before buying (I asked many questions). And this entry panel (mid size thick steel, powder-coated) is built like a tank. I'm sorry to say I'm not used to high quality like that anymore, so I was amazed. This is freak... heavy :-) And shipping... I got it in less than a week. lightning arrestor already mounted inside... So a huge thank you. The build makes sense, from the way the pieces of metal go together so water does not go in, to the weather strip, the really cool nuts with integrated gripping 'thingy' (really cool, first time I see that). This screams quality all over it. If you have something I need, I'll buy it from you. Thanks a lot. Thierry KF7MXQ





One of the best, if not the best, on-line buying experience of ham equipment I've had. Answered my initial questions on the same day; provided truly constructive advice on the diagrams I sent; built the unit and shipped within a week of my order. Materials, fit and finish well exceeded my expectations. My local builder was slow in completing my house and I managed to lock the box and lose the key before installing it on the exterior wall. I contacted Chris and he solved the problem immediately, repaired the box and shipped it back within a week. What a pleasant person to be working with! Can't say enough good things about buying from KF7P Metalwerks.  Tom KJ4WQR

Master Lock, brass lock with keys to keep nosy kids out of your entry panels.  Fits on all boxes that come with new lid catch.

Price:  $9.45



Excellent Quality and customer service. Very pleased with my install! Chris made sound recommendations after quickly reviewing my order - I appreciate his feedback. Highly recommended! Pictures of my install at ko4gs.org

I ordered the 14 in. x 14 in. "customized" entry panel from Chris, plus a few additional items for the panel. I received the panel in less that a week and was very pleasantly surprised by the appearance and quality of the panel. Chris provides a high quality product and great after sales support.


Defender Series™ entrance panel boxes

Our entry panel boxes are the perfect solution to getting all communications cabling through a wall and into the radio room in a neat manner, while providing lightning and surge suppression at the same time.  Boxes are hand crafted one at a time and customized for your specific needs.

Common, included  features of all Defender Series™ entry panel boxes:

  1. Made from galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless in multiple gauges.

  2. Powdercoated your choice of many colors, seen below.

  3. Lockable latch, padlocks available below.

  4. Gasketed lid.

VE3TCV photo

To order:

  1. 1)    Choose box size below.  Adhere to notes below as to how many arrestors can fit in each size.

  2. 2)    Pick a paint color from chart above and type it in, along with any other notes such as number of grommet holes or position of conduit.  (We will go over details via email before I start building.) 

  3. Then click “add to cart” button.

    3)    Pick out “Optional Accessories” below, including grommets and plugs.  These do NOT come

           with the box; all accessories are a la carte.

  1. 4)    Let me know of any additional requirements by sending me an email.  I will correspond with you

           before starting.  Thanks!

Questions? Want a custom size?  Not sure what you need?  We’re here to help you succeed.
Email Chris at KF7P dot com.

Visit our FAQ page.EntryPanelInfo.htmlshapeimage_62_link_0

Small boxes can hold:

3 Morgan arrestors,   or

4 Alpha Delta arrestors, or

4 Polyphaser arrestors,  or

2 Morgan arrestors and 1 rotor unit,  or

3 Alpha Deltas and 1 rotor unit.

Recommended conduit size:  1.5”

Weatherproof cable glands, for large RG8, and smaller RG58/8x cables.  Note:  Cables need to be run through BEFORE adding connectors.  Cable glands useful in keeping box water tight when circumstances require cables entering from sides or top of box.  For standard bottom fed cables, regular grommets are adequate.  Glands are black in color.

Large (RG8),    Price:  $2.95

   (fits in 7/8” hole)

Small (RG58/8x), Price: $2.95

   (fits in 3/4” hole)

Large boxes can hold:

2 Morgan rotor units, and:

5 Morgan units*,  or

10 Alpha Delta units, or

9 Polyphaser units.

Recommended conduit size: 2” or 3”

  1. *5 Morgan arrestors fit in a

single row, but double units

can increase this to 10 units.

Extra large boxes can hold:

3 Morgan rotor units, and:

6 Morgan arrestors*,  or

12 Alpha Delta arrestors, or

10 Polyphaser arrestors.

Recommended conduit size:  3”

  1. *6 Morgan arrestors fit in a

single row, but double units

can increase this to 12 units.




Rubber grommets  for cable entry into boxes.  FITS PL-259 and N CONNECTORS! Specify quantity after adding to cart.

Price:  $.75/ea

Plastic plugs to seal unused holes.  Specify quantity after adding to cart.

Price:  $.50/ea

Self adhesive weatherstripping for sealing box to wall of home.  (Size specific.)

Small box:  $4.50

Medium box:          $6.50

Large box:              $7.50

Extra large box:      $8.95



I wanted the cleanest look for all my coax runs and grounding going into the house and this entry panel accomplishes that. The box is well made and looks good. Shipping was fast and questions were answered in a timely manner. Best of all the price is right. W6ZAR



When it comes to grounding your station correctly kf7p carriers the best equipment for the best price. I use his medium entrance panel box, and his large copper shack ground bar for my 3 alpha delta switches. I have had this equipment installed over a year and I can sleep safe knowing my grounding is done right with the best and best priced hardware. The candy included was a most excellent surprise as well :)



I'm very pleased with my 10"x10" KF7P Metalwerks entry panel. My XYL and I are having a retirement home built that is considerably smaller than our current home. We will share a room for our hobbies and aesthetics are very important to her, so I wanted a clean look in addition to grounding and surge suppression. This panel really fulfills every need. It's very well constructed and finished, looks great on the exterior of our home, and having coax runs neatly organized at my operating position is XYL approved! My thanks to Chris for his assistance and recommendations.



Chris was fantastic to deal with got my entry panel all configured and ready to hang out side my house. The entry panel is very professional looking and feels rugged.

For Polyphaser. lightning arrestors, go to our Polyphaser. products page.

We also stock and install POLYPHASER, ALPHA DELTA and MORGAN MANUFACTURING surge protectors in our boxes!   Arrestors can be pre-installed for a small charge; see “Optional Accessories” below to select this option. 

Visit our FAQ page.

Strut channel for junction boxes, entry panels, plus clamps and accessories can be found here, see link below.

Strut accessories



I installed this box with the through wall pipe and inside cover and simply forgot about it. I experienced no problems at all. Now that we are planning to move, I opened up the box to find everything like new. There was not rust, dust or corrosion. No bugs got into the house. I decided I'm taking the box with me, it's only dusty on the outside, looks like new. I recommend this product highly. I couldn't be happier.  WB0HNY

KU2C photo

  1. Copper mounting sheet.

  2. Slots on bottom for copper strap to enter and ground copper sheet.

  3. Grommet holes on bottom for cables; extra holes can be plugged for future use.

  4. Larger cutouts for conduit in bottom also possible.

How to order video, must watch before ordering!    

7 minutes, 55 seconds.



I ordered the 14 in. x 14 in. "customized" entry panel from Chris, plus a few additional items for the panel. I received the panel in less that a week and was very pleasantly surprised by the appearance and quality of the panel. Chris provides a high quality product and great after sales support.




I ordered the 14x17 stainless steel entry panel and 4 Morgan arrestors, pre-mounted.  This panel is meticulously manufactured, and the powder coating finish is superb.  This is the way to bring your antenna connections into the shack while keeping the lightning threat outside, where it belongs.  The detachable copper bus plate fits like a glove and was easily removed to add my ground connections.  I highly recommend this entry panel to any ham looking to leverage superior commercial design for their antenna connections.  Jeffrey K7JGR







The quality of this product is excellent.  The service from Chris is very timely and professional.  My order was filled very quickly and arrived cross country on the date given, very well packaged.  The price was very fair for a top rated high quality produvt made in the uUSA.  I will certainly biuy from Chris in the future for additional needs as my system expands.  Chris was also very helpful with the questions I had.  I was surprised to find an assortment of candy in the shipment inside the entry panel box, which arrived in time for Easter and which my wife ate.Chris has even thought about little things like foam around the grommets to keep not only cold air out (northern climates) but small insects that are always looking for a home, and sealant tape to mount on hte back of the box against the house. The videos are excellent on his website, as well as the photo gallery.  I wish I had more vendors that would follow his lead.  Great job Chris!!

One of KE0OG’s videos featuring N6GR’s entry panel and grounding set-up.

Masonry mounting kit for mounting an entry panel or junction box to a brick, stucco, or concrete wall.  Requires a 1/4” masonry drill bit and (preferably) a hammer drill.  Plugs install in a 1.5” deep by 1/4” hole; screws are stainless steel and 1.5” long, perfect for installation in the pre-punched mounting holes in the entry panels and junction boxes.

Price:  Masonry mounting kit    $4

Price: Screws only, for wood,

siding, etc.  $2

Grommet to cable seals.  Round foam tubing slides over coax cables and seals cable inside of rubber grommet.  Keeps critters and cold air out of your entry panel box.

Price:  $.75 ea.

Wire pulling lubricant

makes it easy to install

grommet to cable

seals.  2oz. is just

enough to install two

dozen seals without

having to buy a large container.

Price:  $2.95 ea.

Flat strap attachment hardware allows for easy bonding of 2” wide copper strap onto left or right bottom corner of entry panel box.   Copper strap slides up through bottom and is sandwiched into clamp.  Comes pre-installed; you provide strap.  No drilling necessary.

Price:  $40/unit

Medium boxes can hold:

2 Morgan rotor units, and:

4 Morgan arrestors*, or

8 Alpha Delta arrestors, or

7 Polyphaser arrestors.

Recommended conduit size:  2”

  1. * 4 Morgan arrestors fit in a

single row, but double units

can increase this to 8 units.


Grommet for ladder line!

Click pic for more info.