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                ENTRY PANEL INFO

W1PEF photo

AA4XX photo

WV4R photo

What are the differences between the Defender Series™ entry panel boxes and the Interceptor Series™ junction boxes? 

Entry panel boxes are designed for the following:

Designed to be mounted on wall of house.  Provides convenient outdoor entry point for cables and arrestors.

Large hole in back of box allows cable passage through wall into house.  Conduit can be used through wall.  Cable flow is from bottom up.

Cables enter box via grommets or larger openings for conduit (or both).

Arrestors are lined up horizontally across box.

Boxes are horizontally oriented.

Can be made in galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless in multiple gauges.  Powdercoated in one of 20 colors.

Available sizes:  (Height x Width x Depth)

    Small             10x10x4”

    Medium         14x14x4”

    Large             14x17x4”

    Extra large     16x20x4”    

Junction boxes are designed for the following:

Designed to be mounted on tower, post, or otherwise serves as convenient wiring point between shack and tower.  Can also be installed on our concrete mounting fixture.

Cables enter bottom of box via grommets or conduit (or both).

Boxes include copper bridge for rotor/control cables, putting them above coax arrestors to save space.

Arrestors are lined up vertically down box, and cables enter from bottom left, pass through arrestors, and exit bottom right (inverted U configuration for cable flow.)

Boxes are vertically oriented.

Are built in 16 gauge galvanized steel only, and powdercoated in one of 20 colors.

Available sizes:  (Height x Width x Depth)

    Medium         15x15x6”

    Large             18x15x6”

    Extra large     21x15x6”    

Recently NG7M installed both a Junction Box and an Entry Panel at his QTH, and his great video shows both units plus give some detail on how to install them.  His photo album shows more views as well.

Despite the different designs, either box can be custom configured with most features to suit your circumstances and needs.  Call or email me for more information, Chris at KF7P dot com.