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ATT3G50U, UHF Connectors, 0-500 MHz, 200W.

ATT3G50,   N Connectors, 0-3 GHz, 200W.

ATT3G50UHP, UHF connectors, 0-500MHz, 2KW.

ATT3G50HP,   N connectors, 0-3 GHz, 2KW.

3G50HP ARC-PLUG replacement cartridge, 2kw.

3G50 ARC-PLUG replacement cartridge, 200w.

ATT3G50UBXL, UHF Connectors, 0-500MHz, 200W, with long bulkhead connector on one side.

Machine screws for mounting units inside KF7P entry panel.  1/4”-20 x 5/16”, stainless, with lockwasher.  (Used in place of 1” stud included with arrestor, as it is too long for entry panels.)

Notes:  Other models available, email for specifics.







$78 .95


Alpha Delta Arrestors

ATT3G50UBXL with UHF bulkhead connector on one side. 

All Alpha Delta units can be pre-installed in KF7P Entrance Panels and shipped ready to go for a complete ready to use system.  Email for more details, Chris at KF7P dot com. 

Surge protector instruction sheet:  TT3G50 instruction sheets, rev 2.pdf

  1. Constant impedance 50 ohm design.

  2. Field replaceable ARC-PLUG does not require dismantling unit.

  3. Fail-safe design to prevent future damage if ARC-PLUG is damaged by surge.

Tower Leg mount (TLM)

Alpha Delta ground bus wall mount

The Alpha Delta TLM tower leg mount allows you to ensure that coax cables leaving your tower should be grounded at the base. The beautiful stainless steel bracket is precision laser cut and provides a solid grounding and mounting platform for up to four Alpha Delta Model ATT/TT3G50 series surge protectors (not included). The bracket is pre-drilled and the surge protectors mount with their included hardware.  The TLM comes with a copper ground lug and hardware to connect your tower to a ground rod. Handles wires sizes from #4 to #14. See photo. It fits all round tower legs or masts from 1 inch to 2 inch diameter such as Rohn 20, 25G, 45G and 55.  Please note that the surge protectors, ground rod and ground wire that are shown in the above two pictures are not included.


Ground Bus Wall Mount (GBWM)


Now a convenient way to mount your Alpha Delta switches and provide a station ground bar in one place.  Copper bar is 36” long and holds up to four Alpha Delta switches (either the two or the four position switch).  Mount comes with #10 hardware to attach your switches into pre-tapped holes.  Also comes with six 1/4” brass studs and wingnuts for attachment of your station gear’s ground wire or braid.  Switches and braid not included.

Alpha Delta switch wall mount/ground                                            $114.95

Clamps for Alpha Delta surge protectors

Attach two Alpha Delta surge units to your ground rod.  A perfect way to ground your vertical antenna and provide surge protection on outgoing coax lines at the same time.  Clamps can also be used as a quick and easy “single point ground” before cables enter the building.   Clamps are made entirely from copper and include a copper ground lug to fit up to a #4 wire, and secure with stainless steel hardware and nylock nuts.  Designed for 5/8” ground rod. Holds up to four Alpha Delta units.


Penetrox-A anti-oxidant connection grease.  For all aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to copper connections.  Prevents oxidation, corrosion and improves conductivity between arrestors and copper (or aluminum) sheet.  Also great for antenna element construction.  Available in 2oz. and 8 oz. containers.

Penetrox-A, 2 oz. container                                                                                                                            $8.45

Penetrox-A, 8 oz. container                                                                                                                            $20.95

                      ALPHA DELTA PRODUCTS

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User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?



User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?
Coax Switches

Alpha Delta “B” series switches in 2 and 4 switch configurations come with surge cartridge to protect your sensitive station gear.

Delta series advantages:

  1. Meet U.S. military specifications and requirements.

  2. Manufactured in ISO-9001 facility in the USA.

  3. Low loss cavity design, front panel removable ARC-PLUG.

  4. Powder coat finish, machined switch shaft with positive detent design.

  5. ASC model (shown above, top left) desktop console version sits within reach for quick antenna changes.

Delta “B” series coax switch instruction sheet:  Delta 4 Switches.pdf

Delta-2B, UHF connectors.

Delta-4B, UHF connectors.

ASC-4B, desk top console version of Delta-4B.     This item ships direct from Alpha Delta.                   

D-4 ARC-PLUG replacement cartridge.

Other models available, email for specifics.





Alpha Delta Coax Switch Wall Mount
Universal Copper Ground Clamp (UCGC)
Penetrox-A  Anti-Oxidant Connection Grease

Alpha Delta ground bus wall mount

Copper Ground Bus Wall Mount is a very rugged device for mounting up to 4 Alpha Delta Model TT/ATT3G50 series broadband coax surge protectors. Heavy gauge (.0937, 13 ga.) copper prevents twisting or flexing from the weight of long coax cable runs. Comes with copper bar, two copper ground lugs for #4-14 size wire with stainless mounting hardware, and  two ring terminals with stainless mounting hardware.  User supplies own wall mounting screws or anchors.  Alpha Delta surge units attach with stud mounts supplied in original packaging.  Unit measures 9.5” long, 1.5” tall, 1.5” wide.


ASC-4B, desk top console version

of Delta-4B

Alpha Delta Tower Leg Mount

  1. Meets U.S. Military specifications and requirements.

  2. Manufactured in ISO-9001 facility in USA.

  3. For use up to 3 GHz, and up to 2KW.

Alpha Delta surges protector advantages:

Proudly stocking Alpha Delta products!  Protect your valuable station gear and utilize proper grounding technique by combining Alpha Delta units with KF7P entrance panels.