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Optional Accessories

Ready made boxes

Here is your chance to get an entry panel or junction box that is already built and ready to ship.  These are typically made ahead of time or come from customer change orders. 

Conditions:  All are offered AS-IS, no modifications will be done (because they are already finished).  Feel free to add other accessories to the order to spiff it up the way you want (scroll to bottom of this page to see accessories).  We stock ALPHA DELTA , POLYPHASER, and MORGAN MANUFACTURING surge protectors.

Entry Panel Box, Small  10”h x 10”w x 4” d


  1. Light gray powdercoat paint

  2. 18 gauge galvanized steel

  3. SS latch

  4. Hole for 1.5” conduit in upper left corner.

  5. Copper sheet (covered in a white protective plastic)

  6. 5 grommet holes in the SIDE (yes, kinda weird).

What’s wrong with it? 

  1. Nothing!  Apart from some fingerprints and side grommets, it’s brand new, never installed or used. 

Box                                        $205

Grommets, plugs, and seals available in the “accessories” section below.  Email me to purchase this box.  chris at KF7P dot com.

Wire pulling lubricant

makes it easy to install

grommet to cable

seals.  2oz. is just

enough to install two

dozen seals without

having to buy a large container.

Price:  $2.95 ea.

Installation of arrestors or other items in entry panel boxes, includes hardware.

Price:  $7/unit, any brand or model. Increase quantity after adding to cart.

90˚ mounting bracket for M-348 units, rotates unit so terminal strip is facing up.  Makes wiring duties much easier; with hardware.

Price:  $9

Morgan ManufacturingMorgan_Mfg._arrestors.html

Click to enlarge.

Concrete mounting fixture for entry panel. 

Click pic for more info.

Terminal strip for rotor/control wire connections, 8 double terminals.

Price:  $4

Copper wire lug for ground wire, 4-14 gauge, and 2-14 gauge.

4-14 ga., Price:  $4.50

2-14 ga., Price:  $5.25

Package of 25 self drilling sheet metal screws for mounting Morgan arrestors to copper or aluminum sheet.        


Price:  $4

Tinned copper ground braid, 1/2” wide and 3/4” wide.  (Specify number of feet after adding to cart).

1/2”, Price: $1.10/ft.

3/4” Price: $2.25/ft.

Copper split bolt for connecting two 4 gauge copper ground wires.

Price:  $3.00

Conduit install kit for entrance panel, comes with inside bushing, locknut, male adaptor and 12” of 1.5”, 2’, or 3” ID PVC conduit.  Requires cutting conduit and terminating on the indoor side.

1.5” kit,   Price:  $11.50

2” kit,      Price:  $14.50

3” kit,      Price:  $19.50

Penetrox-A anti-oxidant connection grease.  For all aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to copper connections.  Prevents oxidation, corrosion and improves conductivity between arrestors and copper (or aluminum) sheet.  Also great for antenna element construction. 

2 oz.,    Price:  $8.45

8 oz.,    Price:  $20.95

For Morgan Mfg. lightning arrestors, go to our Morgan Mfg. products page.

For Alpha Delta lightning arrestors, go to our Alpha Delta products page.           

Master Lock, brass lock with keys to keep nosy kids out of your entry panels.  Fits on all boxes that come with new lid catch.

Price:  $9.45

Grommet to cable seals.  Round foam tubing slides over coax cables and seals cable inside of rubber grommet.  Keeps critters and cold air out of your entry panel box.

Price:  $.75 ea.

Weatherproof cable glands, for large RG8, and smaller RG58/8x cables.  Note:  Cables need to be run through BEFORE adding connectors.  Cable glands useful in keeping box water tight when circumstances require cables entering from sides or top of box.  For standard bottom fed cables, regular grommets are adequate.  Glands are black in color.

Large (RG8),    Price:  $2.95

Small (RG58/8x), Price: $2.95

Rubber grommets  for cable entry into boxes.  Get some spares for later! Specify quantity after adding to cart.

Price:  $.75/ea

Plastic plugs to seal unused holes.  Specify quantity after adding to cart.

Price:  $.50/ea

Self adhesive weatherstripping for sealing box to wall of home.  (Size specific.)

Small box:  $4.50

Medium box:          $6.50

Large box:              $7.50

Extra large box:      $8.95

For Polyphaser. lightning arrestors, go to our Polyphaser. products page.

Strut channel for junction boxes, entry panels, plus clamps and accessories can be found here, see link below.

Strut accessories

Flat strap attachment hardware allows for easy bonding of 2” wide copper strap onto left or right bottom corner of entry panel box.   Copper strap slides up through bottom and is sandwiched into clamp.  Comes pre-installed; you provide strap.  No drilling necessary.

Price:  $40/unit