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Yellowjack Tower Tool
User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?

Redesigned by professionals, and ready for the amateur! If you have ever stacked or taken down Rohn tower, you know how much work it is to physically pull the sections apart, particularly when the legs are stuck together, rusted, or deformed.  The Yellowjack, like its Towerjack predecessor, is an absolute necessity when working with Rohn tower.  Improved and updated with input by professional tower climbers K7LXC, K7NV, and K6NA, the Yellowjack has added features to make using the tool easier and safer than ever before.  Yellowjack can push sections apart, pull them together, and align a leg that is bent or off axis.  New ball pin keeps hinged sections fixed until ready for use.  Comes in yellow powdercoat finish; Lanyard is optional accessory.  Fits Rohn 20, 25g, 45g and 55g.* 

Email me about becoming a dealer for this product!  Chris at KF7P dot com.

Yellowjack tower tool

Lanyard with carabiners                                                                                     



Ball pin keeps movable extensions fixed until needed.

Alignment tool for bringing tower leg into axis.

Engagement bar is longer and has additional positioning slots.

Positioning slots are angled for positive contact with tower rungs...no slips!

Lanyard loop for attachment of lanyard or carabiner.

Longer tool = more leverage.

Pivot bolts are steel alloy shoulder bolts for better wear resistance.

* Works on Rohn 55g, but hooked alignment tool on end won’t fit on larger Rohn 55g sleeve.

All edges and corners beveled, sanded, and smoothed out before painting.

Optional lanyard with carabiners .

The Yellowjack makes assembling or disassembling Rohn towers a snap. The construction and support are both excellent. I believe this tool saved me many hours of frustration (and probably some bruised knuckles) while taking down a Rohn 45G tower I purchased, and then putting it back up at my home.    Bruce K7EY

User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about this product?



After having used the old version of this tool I was always saying to myself,  "why didn't someone think to put slots going the other direction?"  and " there's no good place to hook up a tool lanyard",  and "the dang thing swings open when I don't want it too".  (I like my fingers on my hands!)

Well you used your head!   Beautiful tool.   I can't wait to use it on the next Rohn project.




Made on a Mac
                  TOWER TOOL

Best $165 I ever spent used this on my tower to add a section by myself what normally took an hour was done in 20 minutes. Use to remove 50 Ron 25 whole job 2 hours by this tool product is as easy as pie. KB5VPZ




Two of these guys told me separately that it would have been impossible to dis-assemble this tower without the TowerJack.  Thanks for all your help and for the great product!   Dale



Hurricane Matthew really did a number on Haiti, leaving a path of devastation and killing hundreds of people.  Pictured are some Haitian locals along with WB9BAT taking apart tower sections with a Yellowjack. This tower was part of a big AM broadcast station in Haiti.  According to Leon, the sections never could have come apart without the assistance of the Yellowjack.

I purchased the Yellowjack for my tower assembly project.  Using all new Rohn 25g sections I was thinking that the Yellowjack would not see any service, but I was wrong.  I had one alignment issue, one section that would not align well with the screw holes and finally a section that needed to be separated and turned.  Yellowjack made a big difference in completing the project with success.