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Yagi Crane

Our YagiCrane™ solves the age old question:  How do I get my new beam antenna to the top of the tower?  YagiCrane™ allows safe and controlled hoisting of large beam antennas and equipment to the top of the tower using your 2” mast as an attachment point.  The YagiCrane™ is rated for a 300 pound payload, and the winch will not free-spool which prevents a dangerous drop of payload.  There is 40 feet of 3/16” galvanized aircraft cable included which is enough to hang a yagi antenna on any crank-up tower.  Cable rolls off at 24” from the mast, leaving enough room for your antenna to clear the tower as it goes up, then bringing it in next to the mast is easily done using a short length of rope to form a de facto block and tackle.  Made from steel, precision MIG welded and powdercoated yellow.

Only works on exact 2” mast, does not come with shackles, hook, carabiners, or slings to attach your antenna (sold separately).

Yagi crane



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                                  YAGI CRANE
User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?

User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about this product?

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Removal of one pin (no tools needed) allows YagiCrane™ to fold for storage.

Ball bearing sheave allows for a smooth rollover of cable.

Mounting clamps consist of two clamshells with fixed bolts....no fumbling with hardware when assembling, and no tools needed to attach to your mast thanks to oversized butterfly nuts.

With the use of a short length of rope, your antenna is easily pulled in next to the mast.

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