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The night I ordered your Shack Ground Bar I was looking on QRZ'd and went to some of the other "copper sites" and just thought to myself again, "so to hook up a ground lug I'll have to have a wrench on the backside of the copper plate,  how will I do that when it's behind my desk?".   I then did a little searching.   I had already known about your YellowJack and had planned on ordering that  but I didn't know about your ground bars.  Beautiful idea!   So simple and yet no one else was doing it!  being involved in manufacturing myself I appreciate the workmanship when I see it!


User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?



User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?

The nicest looking ground bar in existence, this robust solid copper bar is formed into a channel from .065” copper.  To assure the highest conductivity possible, brass studs, washers, and wingnuts are used.  Bar is 36” long, 1.125” wide, and comes with eight 1/4” brass attachment points (six on shorter 24” model).  It also comes with three zinc plated mounting screws for attachment to the back of your desk, wall, or other out of the way location.  Appearance is a brushed/satin finish.

Shack Ground Bar


Shack ground bar, 36” length                                                                                                                 $52.95

Shack ground bar, 24” length                                                                                                                 $46.95


Now a convenient way to mount your Alpha Delta switches and provide a station ground bar in one place.  Copper bar is formed out of .065” copper sheet and is 36” long, 4.25” wide,  and holds up to four Alpha Delta switches (either the two or the four position switch).  Mount comes with #10 hardware to attach your switches into pre-tapped holes.  Also comes with six 1/4” brass studs and wingnuts for attachment of your station gear’s ground wire or braid.  Switches and braid not included.

Made on a Mac

Copper wire lug for ground wire, 4-14 gauge, and 2-14 gauge.

4-14 ga., Price:  $4.50

2-14 ga., Price:  $5.25

Tinned copper ground braid, 1/2” wide and 3/4” wide.

(Specify number of feet after adding to cart).

1/2’ braid, Price:  $1.10/ft.

3/4” braid, Price: $2.25/ft.

Copper split bolt for connecting two 4 gauge copper ground wires.

Price:  $3.00

Penetrox-A anti-oxidant connection grease.  For all aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to copper connections.  Prevents oxidation, corrosion and improves conductivity between arrestors and copper (or aluminum) sheet. 

2 oz.,    Price:  $8.45

8 oz.,    Price:  $20.95

Bulkhead adaptors, used with coax bus above.  Body is nickel plated, insulator is Delrin, and center pin is nickel plated.  Comes with two nuts.             

Price:  $5.00

Star lockwashers (pair) $1.00

Optional Accessories
Shack Ground Bar
Alpha Delta Coax Switch Wall Mount


Alpha Delta switch wall mount/ground                                                                                                  $114.95


Terminal strip for rotor/control wire connections, 8 double terminals.

Price:  $5.50

All of the products that I have purchased from you have been top notch! Great quality and they have all been installed and used for over a year now and are holding up great!!!! Thanks for the great products!!!!!

-Mike, KD0BKC



              online  reviews

The perfect clean and neat (and safe!) completion to my ham shack.

-Rick, KM4OKV



Shack ground bar and ground braid assemblies fit together perfectly.  Used biggest clamp on mix 31 to choke my antenna tuner. 

-Don NN2Y