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The Safety Stand is a service platform specifically designed for crank-up towers.  It provides a large (12”x36”) surface to stand on while doing rotator, cable, or other tower work.  Platform surface is height adjustable in 6 inch increments; can install flush with top of base tower section or two feet below.  Platform surface is made from galvanized steel Safety Tread, a stamped high traction surface used in catwalks, stairs, and ramps.  It is impossible to slip on this stuff! 

Safety Stand installs easily by one person in about a half hour with a few basic tools.  It is partially assembled on the ground, then installed in four manageably sized pieces on the tower.  Can install on any of the three sides, even the side with the cables and pulleys.   Your tower must have open ended legs at the top of the base section to work with the Safety Stand.

Safety Stand can stay in place...forever.  Hot dip galvanized to last longer than your tower.  Does not interfere with tower function (raising/lowering).  Made from heavy gauge steel and precision MIG welded on jigs for accuracy.

Climb the tower?  NO WAY!  Every tower manufacturer plainly states that you should not climb a crank up tower!  We agree.  This only leaves two options for maintenance.  You can  buy their tower lay-over accessory, or call the crane guy.  Both are expensive and a hassle.  Now there is a third way.  After lowering and stabilizing your tower, your extension ladder will extend right up through the capture area off the back of the Safety Stand, effectively holding your ladder and preventing it from moving while you climb.  You can access the top of the tower without actually climbing it.  Now your maintenance chores are done in a matter of minutes!

Fall arrest harness required!  No doubt about it, you need a safety harness and must be clipped in while using our platform.  Tower must be fully nested and stabilized before climbing ladder.  Follow your tower manufacturers suggestions.

Price:      Single sided platform,  $425 plus shipping.  In stock, ships in 24 hours. 

               Double sided platform, $720 plus shipping.

               Double sided platform as an add-on to an existing platform, $295 plus shipping.

Start your tower maintenance today, the easy way!

TO ORDER:  Please email or call me with your tower model.  Email:  Chris at KF7P dot com.    Phone:   801-231-2658. 


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  1. Adaptable to nearly any crank-up tower.

  1. Large flat platform (12”x36”) keeps your feet happy.

  1. Adjustable height in 6” increments puts the work where you are.

  1. Designed to capture your extension ladder so it stays put while climbing!

  1. Does not interfere with tower function, raising or lowering.

  1. Galvanized for superior corrosion protection.

  1. MIG welded construction, made from heavy gauge steel.

  1. Slip proof surface has incredible traction underfoot.

  1. Weighs 45 lbs., installed by one person in four pieces.

  1. 6 month factory warranty.

  1. Two sided version now available.

Now all tower work is done standing in a natural, unstressed position, not hanging from a harness.  Wrangling heavy/awkward items (antennas) becomes a much easier task.

Your extension ladder extends right up through the capture area on the back of the platform surface, and is held there by the supports on the left and right, and the ladder rod on the back. 

Photo showing proper preparation for climbing:  Ladder is placed at proper angle and inside capture area on back side of platform.  Rope tied to ladder keeps bottom of ladder from moving/slipping.  Always do tower work with a buddy!

Thank you Chris, at last someone has finally come up with an affordable work platform for crank up towers, I love that there is plenty of room to stand and even lay down parts on the 36”X12” platform.   I can spend hours up on my LM-470 Crank up tower, no more sore legs and lower back, no more trying to find a comfortable spot to put my feet on the V braces every two minutes.  I actually look forward to antenna work on my Steppir and VHF/UHF antennas now, I just have to remember to un-hook my safety harness when climbing off the platform on to the ladder, as I forget I have it on.  P.S. the built in ladder stay is an excellent idea for added safety.  

Mike K6BR

I’ve been looking for one of these for a long time, finally there is a better way to do tower and antenna work without risking my feet on the tower rungs. 






User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?

I can't describe how it feels to be on the tower and my feet aren’t cramping, what a relief!  I've been climbing all sorts of towers for almost 50 years now and have never felt more secure working on the tower as now, with the Safety Stand.  What a relief to be able to stand flat footed and do tower work!




Over the top!

          SAFETY STAND

Amateur radio is full of high tech and low tech. Every once in a while a great low tech item comes along that is a real time or money saver.  Last year at the Visalia International DX Convention, I purchased a Tower Safety Platform from Chris-KF7P. The safety stand is made of heavy duty galvanized steel and easily attaches to the top of the lowest section of my tower. The fit is precise and it is very firm and sturdy.  The benefit of the Safety Stand is that you can use a extension ladder and easily secure it within the safety stand. This enables you to ascend the ladder and easily transition to the safety stand without having to climb the tower.  This makes it easier to get on the tower and stay on the tower. The platform is large enough to allow you to work on your rotor, antennas or cables. It has a heavy duty tread design. This is a terrific product that has saved me time and money on its first use. I recently experienced a rotor issue that may have required a pro tower climber and potentially a crane, however I was easily able to ascend the tower and resolve the issue myself.  Chris is a great guy to deal with and I really enjoy his products!

Paul N6PSE



This is a first rate product that makes working on a telescoping tower much safer. It took me about two hours to install the unit on my US Tower 72 ft crank up. A young agile guy could do it quicker. Chris is a great guy and his products are top quality.

73, Bryce K7UA



I am very excited about the work platform (June, 2016). I’m using it on a TX472. I have a “bad” hip (replacement needed one day) and my big toes are "shot" with arthritis after too many crashes with trees and rocks from when I was much younger and did trail riding (motorcycle, dirt bikes).

But now, I can use a ladder to get to the platform and do my own work again. No more toe aches and calf cramps or painful knees when trying to stand on W bracing or trying to fit my feet into open spaces between sections.

The worst part of my ailments was that for many years now, I was totally dependent on others to do anything on the tower, even replace rotor cable or coax. It was, honestly, just very depressing and made me feel old.

A friend installed the platform and that was the end of my total dependence on others. Now, if I invite them over, it will be for "assistance" and not for "to do." I am very happy with my new ability to do my own work. It’s a great product that makes life on the tower as comfortable as standing on the ground.

Doug KR2Q



Two sided platform now available!