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Additional pulley with 1/4” zinc quick link.

Price:  $5.45

Our two bolt rope clips are perfect for fiber rope terminations that are in permanent installations.  Boom trusses, haul ropes, catenary lines, and other hundred-foot-up installations deserve a smooth rounded thimble that won’t wear out the rope from friction, and a polished smooth two-bolt clamp that will not slip, rust, or degrade in the weather. Put it up and forget about it.

Each package comes with a thimble, two bolt clamp, and two nuts, to terminate one end of a rope.  (If you need to terminate both ends of a rope, order quantity two.)   Always use anti-seize lubricant on stainless hardware.

Stainless steel rope clip for 1/8” rope                                         $3.95

Stainless steel rope clip for 3/16” rope                                       $4.95

Stainless steel rope clip for 5/16” rope                                       $7.95

Rope Clips                                                                    Price:


Dacron rope is super ! Lasts extremely well outside through all kinds of weather, temp's and UV. I have used all of the sizes, including the 1/2" Gin pole rope, 7050 lb. test ! Also use it for hauling, tree felling, and on my boat. These ropes are "Great stuff" and made in USA. I have a vendor relationship with KF7P, great guy, honest as day is long and fully devoted to customer satisfaction.  K1PEK



Stainless Steel Rope Clips
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Optional Accessories

304 Stainless steel pulley with 1/4” stainless steel quick link.

Price:  $21.95

Alpha Delta CIN antenna insulator for home-brew antennas.  Made from indestructible, UV stable plastic.  Sized for up to 1/4” rope and up to 8 gauge wire.

Price:  $3.95

Stainless steel “stealth” pulley, great for your “invisible” wire antennas!  Small 7/8” sheave and stainless steel frame with swivel eye.  Good for 1/8” to 3/16” rope.

Price:  $5.00

Quick links for all rope sizes can be found here.

Comes with thimble and clamp as shown.

Nite Ize® CamJam cord tensioner