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Rebar bonding clamps

The Harger rebar bonding clamps are perfect for creating an ufer ground, especially in a tower foundation.  The clamps will attach to rebar ranging from 3/8” to 1” in diameter, and allow attachment of a ground wire from #10 to #2.  Clamps are made of copper alloy and come with stainless hardware.  They are designed to be buried or encased in concrete. 

Parallel model allows attachment of wire that is parallel with rebar. 

Perpendicular model allows attachment of wire that is perpendicular with rebar.

Install tips:  Be sure to thoroughly clean the rebar for conductivity, baring the area to be clamped to bare or shiny steel.  Apply anti-oxidant grease, then install and tighten clamp. 

                     REBAR BONDING CLAMPS
Made on a Mac

Models Available:

Harger rebar bonding clamp, parallel

Harger rebar bonding clamp, perpendicular                                                            




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Parallel clamp

Perpendicular clamp



Copper based anti oxidant connection grease for all copper to copper connections is ideal for copper strap connection points.  When applied liberally to  the surfaces connection point, the grease will fill voids, seal out air and moisture which causes oxidation, and provide better conductivity.

2 oz.,    Price:  $9.95

8 oz.,    Price:  $24.95

Optional Accessories
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