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Pulley Block

The pulley block compliments our Yellowjack tool and makes gin pole work much safer!  The pulley block easily and quickly attaches to a tower leg and helps the ground crew pull up tower sections a safe distance from the tower.  Two piece clamp easily installs on tower leg with butterfly nuts; no tools needed.  The steel pulley features a freely spinning ball bearing sheave with quick release hitch pin for easy rope access.  The sheave has an extra deep groove to keep your rope in place, and fits rope up to 1/2” diameter.  Made from CNC cut heavy gauge steel, precision formed, MIG welded, and powdercoated in high visibility yellow.  Fits Rohn 20, 25g, and 45g towers only (or other towers with 1.25” diameter legs). *

Pulley block



* If interested in other tower sizes, please contact us.

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                                  PULLEY  BLOCK
User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?

User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about this product?

The pulley block worked great at the base of the tower during assembly and also at the top of the tower for hoisting tools and equipment.