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1st Place:  $100 gift certificate

1st place goes to NA6O, who is doing some high altitude tower work!  Photo shows some KF7P Metalwerks mast steps above.  This is a seriously burly tower, with burly antennas and climbed by one burly dude!

2nd Place:  $50 gift certificate

KK0V junction box mounted at the base of his tower.  This one has everything in it...coax arrestors, ethernet, and control cables all protected It is mounted on a KF7P Metalwerks concrete mounting fixture, and cables are secured below the box in strut clamps.

3rd Place:  $50 gift certificate

3rd place goers to K7ULS, known to most of the ham world as a foremost UHF/VHF guy, who frequently takes his VHF rig to the top of a 10,000 foot mountain and gets great results.  He caught a local hot air balloon festival as they were flying above his satellite antenna.

Honorable mention: Grip Lock Ties prize goes out to KD7RF, who sent me this great tower skyscape photo.  KF7P Metalwerks coax arms are keeping coax cables secure.

Honorable mention: Grip Lock Ties prize sent to N4PL is using a KF7P Metalwerks Alpha Delta switch mount to provide both grounding and some eye candy in his shack.  Love the QSL card wallpaper as well!