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AM broadcast stations transmitting in the frequency range from 550kHz to 1700kHz cause havoc with HF and VHF receiving operations, often inducing carriers, modulation, broadband noise and other disturbances into delicate equipment.  Such interference can frequently be heard mixing with other received signals in the shortwave bands and commonly overwhelms front ends of modern receivers. Broadcast reject filters reduce AM band signals to levels where local Stations can still be received in most cases, but are no longer threatening to other desired services. A must for serious low frequency DXers or Amateur 160 Meter enthusiasts. Models are available for use with transceivers (allows transmission of up to 300 watts through the filter above the rated cutoff frequency).

Model M-400 unit is designed to operate above 3.5MHz and place the BCB band frequencies below, well into the stopband, inserting very high attenuation even at the higher end of the BCB band frequency segment

Model M-402X is designed for use all the way down to 1.8 MHz, attenuating everything below.

Each filter is individually bagged with owner’s manual, weights all 1 pound. All models are fitted with SO-239s connectorsThis product ships direct from the manufacturer and requires a 72 hour lead time.

Models Available:                                                                                                      Price:

Interference filter, M-400X, UHF connector,  attenuates below 3.5 MHz                                                   $73.50

Interference filter, M-402X, UHF connector,  attenuates below 1.8 MHz                                                   $73.50


Morgan Systems now providers of the legendary I.C.E. products!  Morgan was formed in 2005 as a subcontractor for I.C.E., which had a 20-year history of building quality lightning and filtering equipment and accessories for the communications industry.  With the untimely passing of the founder of ICE, Mike Koss (W9SU), Morgan Systems is carrying on the quality reputation of the ICE line and will be able to provide many of the products that professionals and amateurs have come to know.  More Morgan products than listed below are available; email me for information.

                           MORGAN MFG. FILTERS
Broadcast band filters
User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?

Chris provides a great product at a great price, surprisingly low shipping costs, and awesome customer service! I'm very glad I found this website, and Chris has certainly added another loyal customer!  [M-302N unit above-Ed.].

Thanks again, Mark KF5VQY



Gain peak receiving and transmitting performance from modern transceivers and stop out-of-band RF energy from nearby transmitters with MMI’s full line of single band filter units. Practically an international standard of the top competition stations, government agencies, and disaster relief organizations, bandpass filters are used widely to pass only the listed frequency segments for which they are tuned blocking all frequencies above and below the passband.

Use bandpass filters anywhere that critical single band performance is required, or where nearby transmitting stations cause interference to needed communications. Excellent for multiple-operator stations, portable or field use, indoor or outdoor service, non-polarized.

Circuit uses a twin section dual resonator design in a compact 3″ square heavy chassis. Units are rated for 200 Watts transmitter power.  SO-239 connectors standard. Packaged with owner’s manual.  This product ships direct from the manufacturer and requires a 72 hour lead time.

Models Available:                                                                                                      Price:

Bandpass filter, M-403, frequency range 160 meters,1.8-2.0 MHz                                                           $66.50

Bandpass filter, M-404, frequency range 80/75 meters, 3.5-4.0 MHz                                                       $66.50

Bandpass filter, M-405, frequency range 40 meters, 7.0-7.3 MHz                                                            $66.50

Bandpass filter, M-406, frequency range 30 meters,10.1-10.2 MHz                                                         $66.50

Bandpass filter, M-407 frequency range 20 meters, 14.0-14.35 MHz                                                       $66.50

Bandpass filter, M-408, frequency range 17 meters,18.0-18.2 MHz                                                         $66.50

Bandpass filter, M-409, frequency range 15 meters, 21.0-21.5 MHz                                                        $66.50

Bandpass filter, M-410, frequency range 12 meters, 24.9-25.0 MHz                                                        $66.50

Bandpass filter, M-411, frequency range 10 meters, 28.0-29.7 MHz                                                        $66.50

Bandpass filter, M-411CB, frequency range 11 meters, 26.9-27.4 MHz                                                   $66.50


Individual bandpass filters
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I live 3 miles from a 50kw clear channel AM station in Atlanta (AM 750 WSB) and it pretty much chewed up 20m and 80m,  The Morgan filter was the perfect solution.




I have a large wire vee beam antenna and had too much wide band noise and a nasty mix of wwv + 770AM at 14.23mhz on the SSTV calling frequency.  I had to run the attenuator to lower the QRM, now with the 402x filter I can even use the preamp button with no problems.  Next I will need a low pass filter for working the 630m band.  FB filter 73 k06kl  http://valleymedia.org/sstv



I purchased  the M-400x because I was maving issues where my noise level on all bands was S9+ early in the day and not really getting much better by midnight.  I had tried everything even replacing an antenna before I found this product.  I inserted this little box inline with my antenna and it totally removed the terrible noise I was getting from some local broadcast stations.  I am very pleased to have found this product.  Thanks again Chris and team for the great support and product.  I will definitely be ordering more goodies when I put my tower up at my FL place. Thx Greg K4FPV



I was getting nuked by a 50KW AM broadcast tower a block away.  I ordered the high pass filter in a last ditch effort after months of redundant grounding, chokes, and radio isolation.  Should have started here.  Now HF is brilliant again.  Customer service was hands above.  Give it six stars if  could.