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All of the products that I have purchased from you have been top notch! Great quality and they have all been installed and used for over a year now and are holding up great!!!! Thanks for the great products!!!!!

-Mike, KD0BKC

User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?



User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?

Flat copper is the ideal grounding material for your antennas, towers, and shack due to it’s low inductance.  Strap is .025” thick: thick enough to be tough and flexible enough to work with.  1.5”, 2”, and 3’ widths.  Strap come in 10’ lengths.  Conventional wisdom is to space ground rods twice their length apart in your ground field.  Therefore,  two 8’ rods are 16’ apart.

  INSTRUCTIONS:  Clean both sides of all surfaces to be joined with an abrasive (sandpaper), then immediately coat strap with grease.  Tighten clamp bolts then wipe off excess that squeezes out, which can be re-used on the next connection.  Do NOT use Noalox or other compounds made for zinc, aluminum, etc. on copper to copper connections.  (It is probably OK for copper to aluminum.)  

Copper ground rod to strap clamps can be found here.

1.5” wide    10’ long                 


2” wide       10’ long          


3” wide       10’ long   

2” wide, 50 foot length  NEW!

Miscut length:  2.5” wide (two available)

Miscut length:  2” one end and 2.5” on the other (one available)







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                      COPPER STRAP and BRAID
Copper Strap

Copper wire lug for ground wire, 4-14 gauge, and 2-14 gauge.

4-14 ga., Price:  $4

2-14 ga., Price:  $4.50

Copper split bolt for connecting two 4 gauge copper ground wires.

Price:  $2.50

Penetrox-A anti-oxidant connection grease.  For all aluminum to aluminum and aluminum to copper connections.  Prevents oxidation, corrosion and improves conductivity between arrestors and copper (or aluminum) sheet.  Also great for antenna element construction. 

2 oz.,    Price:  $4.95

8 oz.,    Price:  $12.95

Optional Accessories

Copper based anti oxidant connection grease for all copper to copper connections is ideal for copper strap connection points.  When applied liberally to  the surfaces connection point, the grease will fill voids, seal out air and moisture which causes oxidation, and provide better conductivity.

2 oz.,    Price:  $8

8 oz.,    Price:  $20.00

1/2” wide braid with ring terminals to fit #10 screw size.


Ground Braid

Ground braid is an excellent material to ground shack equipment.  It is flexible and has low impedance.  For best results, do not use where exposed to weather or moisture.  Only use outdoors if in appropriate weatherproof containers or conduits.  Our braid assemblies come in various lengths in two widths, with crimped tinned ring terminals on both ends, and finished off with adhesive shrink tube.

3/4” wide braid with ring terminals to fit 1/4” screw size. 

Unterminated tinned copper ground braid, 1/2” wide and 3/4” wide.  (Specify number of feet after adding to cart).

1/2’ braid, Price:  $.85/ft.

3/4” braid, Price: $1.50/ft.