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Protect your expensive coax and control cables from getting snagged in your tower as it telescopes. We now offer coax arms with a hot dipped galvanized finish, just like your tower!  Eventually all arms will come with a galvanized finish; we are still building our stock.    Customized arm orders are still welcome; but will be finished in silver metallic powdercoat as we have done in the past.  We have two styles of coax arms: Hoop arms and curved style arms:

Models Available:                                                                                          Price:

Tri-Ex  LM 470            (4 arms)                                                                                                                $142

Tri-Ex  LM 354            (3 arms)                                                                                                                $109

Tri-Ex  LM 354HD       (3 arms)                                                                                                                $109

Tri-Ex  W51                 (3 arms)                                                                                                                $109

Tri-Ex  DX70               (4 arms)                                                                                                                $142

Tri-Ex  DX86               (5 arms)                                                                                                                $182

Galvanized Hoop Arms:

Currently all Tri-Ex and Tashjian galvanized arms are hoop style.  Curved arms can be ordered powdercoated.  All arms attach with U-bolts.

Powdercoated CurvedArms:

Models Available:                                                                                          Price:

Hy-Gain  HG52SS      (3 arms)                                                                                                                $109

Hy-Gain  HG54HD     (3 arms)                                                                                                                 $109

Hy-Gain  HG70HD     (4 arms)                                                                                                                 $142

Galvanized Hoop Arms:

Currently all Hy-Gain galvanized arms are hoop style.  Curved arms can be ordered powdercoated.  All arms attach with U-bolts.

Powdercoated Curved Arms:

Models Available:                                                                                          Price:

USTower  TX-455, HDX-555         (3 arms)                                                                                             $149

USTower  TX-472                         (4 arms)                                                                                              $182

USTower  HDX-572                      (4 arms)                                                                                              $182

USTower  TX-489, HDX-589        (5 arms)                                                                                              $225

Galvanized Hoop Arms:

Currently stocking galvanized arms in both hoop style and curved style.  Top arms attach with U-bolts, lower arms use straight bolts through factory bracing holes.

Galvanized Curved Arms:

As of November 2012, all galvanized arms include galvanized hardware!  For the time being we are offering the galvanized arms with galvanized hardware for what the previously powdercoated arms and galvanized hardware cost.   Stainless steel hardware is available as an upgrade. 


Stainless Steel U-bolts  for LM 354, 354HD, and W51                                                                           $24

Stainless Steel U-bolts  for LM 470, DX70                                                                                              $32

Stainless Steel U-bolts for DX86                                                                                                             $43


Stainless Steel U-bolts for HG52SS, HG54HD                                                                                        $24

Stainless Steel U-bolts  for HG70HD                                                                                                       $32


Stainless Steel hardware for TX-455, HDX-555                                                                                        $12

Stainless Steel hardware for TX-472, HDX-572                                                                                        $13

Stainless Steel hardware for TX-489, HDX-589                                                                                        $14

Hoop arms allow all cables to slip through the hoops and self-coil at base of tower.  These arms bolt on securely without drilling.   Installation does not require taking apart either end of coax cable(s); they simply slip through the split hoop.   The top arm is curved and takes the weight of the hanging cables without kinking or damaging them.  Click pic to the left for more details, and see gallery for more photos.

Curved arms keep coax off the ground and away from the lawnmower! Each arm has a 180°, 6” gentle radius which holds the coax at each tower section.  Curved arms require approximately two extra feet of cable length per arm to accommodate the radius.  Click pic to left for more details.


The arms arrived today in fine shape. I am very impressed with the product/quality work you have done. I am very very happy. Much better than any of the stuff that the OEM company makes. Thank you very much for the fine craftsmanship.

Shane KI4M


It was time to put up my old HG52ss tower, after being in moth balls for the last 13 years. (on top would be a new SteppIR 3-el) This tower was previously up 10 years at another location. I never liked the original cable stand-offs. Somewhere, I discovered these new design standoffs and decided to go with them. I couldn't be happier! When we put up the tower/antenna all my ham helpers commented on them, with hardly any comments about the SteppIR!

Jim  K9KUZ



Chris custom built some coax arms for my Force 12 LPT1242 low profile tower. I've had them up for several years and they have been great! Before I got the arms I had damage when the cables snagged when cranking up the tower. No problems whatsoever since I got them!

Bryce K7UA



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Just great, sell them to tower manufacturers.  They should be a standard part of the tower.  Thank you for a great product, great web site, easy to use.  W0CZE