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AlfaSpid RAK rotator

AlfaSpid RAK rotator

AlfaSpid  RAK rotator. 

AlfaSpid  RAK rotator only

AlfaSpid  RAK rotator and ROT1 controller

AlfaSpid RAK rotator

Alfa Spid rotator adaptors allow for simplified tower mounting of the Alfa Spid Big RAK, RAK, and RAU rotators.   Bolt patterns for both Yaesu and HyGain.  Base is 6” square and tube is 5.5” tall.  Entire unit is precision MIG welded and hot dip galvanized for superior corrosion and weather protection.  User provides hardware.


Adaptor plate for RAK and Big RAK (large).  Tube is 2.375” dia., 6” tall

Adaptor plate for RAK and Big RAK (large). Tube is 2.375’ dia., 9” tall

Adaptor plate for RAU (small)  tube is 1.9” dia., 6” tall

Adaptor plate for RAU (small)  tube is 1.9” dia., 9” tall

Made on a Mac





Adaptor mounts inside base of rotator, secured with the bolts built into rotator.

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User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?



User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?

AlfaSpid Rotators

Alfa Radio Ltd.


Introducting AlfaSpid antenna rotators! Manufactured in Poland by Spid Elektronik, these are robust rotators that work with nearly every model tower or even a ground mounted mast.   Rotators are built around a steel housing (no pot metal, no aluminum), have a double worm gear reduction, and a simple DC motor with torque to spare. In fact, when comparing AlfaSpid rotators to other brands, the rotating torque and braking torque numbers are higher than other rotators costing twice as much.  See comparison chart below.

To successfully use an AlfaSpid rotator, you will need the rotator itself, a control box, 4 conductor cable, and a 12-24VDC power supply.  AlfaSpid motors run on 12 to 24 volt DC at very low amp draw (2 amps running, 3 amps to start).  They can be run from existing 13.8VDC station power supplies.  if run at higher voltages the rotating speed is much faster.

The unique AlfaSpid 'pipe mounting' system (see photos on the product pages) enables a wide variety of installation possibilities and thanks to the strength of the steel case many installs will not require an external thrust bearing.  We also carry suitable high quality UV rated rotator cable. 

We offer bundle discounts on Antenna / Rotator / Controller / Tower / Cable packages - call or email us to discuss!



  1. Low voltage - high torque DC gear head motor.

  2. Rotating torque/speed: 1,400 in/lb. at 12v (120 sec) to 3240 in/lb. at 24v (60 sec).

  3. Rotation of 720 degrees from stop to stop.

  4. Quiet and powerful self-braking action with double worm drive reduction.

  5. Steel housing and final worm drive - no soft pot metal or cast aluminum.

  6. Uses inexpensive 4 conductor cable.

  7. Sealed reed switch sensor technology for reliable all weather readout.

  8. 1 degree positioning accuracy - tight tolerances for minimal play.

  9. Rated for large loads even when mounted outside the tower.

  10. Designed for simple mounting to ~2" pipe mast - both ends.

  11. Adaptors available to mate with other common rotator bolt patterns.

  12. Coax can pass through center of rotator - prevents cable damage.


  1. Manual, Automatic, Scanning, and Programmable modes.

  2. Digital readout with 1 degree resolution.

  3. Large easy to read soft green LED display.

  4. Computer interface via included serial cable, including Hygain, Yaesu and Orion

  5.     emulation modes.

  6. Low voltage DC operation from any 12 volt source (typically 2-5 amps).

  7. Ideal for camping, DX'peditions, VHF/UHF rovering.

  8. Can be zeroed at any position to allow for installation inaccuracy or antenna

  9.     mount slippage.

  10. Generous overtravel (+/-180) with electronic limits.

  11. Programmable limits ideal for side mount applications.

  12. Small front panel to simplify stacking several units takes up less valuable space.

  13. Optional mouse control with 6 user programmable presets.


AZ/EL rotator at SP2ZIE for satellite work.

AlfaSpid  RAU rotator.  

AlfaSpid  RAU rotator only

AlfaSpid  RAU rotator and ROT1 controller

AlfaSpid RAU rotator



Introducing the AlfaSpid lineup:

Model                     Description

  1. RAU                       Azimuth rotator, light duty.  Small tribanders.

  2. RAK                       Azumith rotator, medium duty. Larger tribanders.

  3. Big RAK                Azimuth rotator, (you guessed it) heavy duty.  Large multi-band

                                 antennas, multiple antennas on same mast.

  1. Big Ring ASR45    Ring rotator, Rohn 45.

  2. Big Ring ASR65    Ring rotator, Rohn 65.

  1. RAS                        Azimuth/Elevation rotator, medium duty.

  2. Big RAS                 Azimuth /Elevation rotator, heavy duty.

  1. Rot1 Controller     For Azimuth rotators. Computer USB compatible.

  2. Rot2 Controller     For AZ/EL rotators. Computer USB compatible.

"After using the Alfa-Spid Big RAK for about 9 months, I have to say that it is the best rotator I have used in the 54 years that I have been a ham!" 

K0TVD eHam review

Downloads, Manuals, more information:

Rotator Comparison Table



AlfaSpid RAK rotator

AlfaSpid Big RAK rotator. 

AlfaSpid  Big RAK rotator only

AlfaSpid  Big RAK rotator and ROT1 controller

AlfaSpid Big RAK rotator



AlfaSpid RAS rotator

AlfaSpid  RAS rotator only

AlfaSpid  RAS rotator and ROT2 controller



AlfaSpid RAK rotator

AlfaSpid Big RAS rotator. 

AlfaSpid  Big RAS rotator only

AlfaSpid  Big RAS rotator and ROT2 controller

AlfaSpid Big RAS AZ/EL rotator



AlfaSpid Flat Plate Adaptors

              online  reviews

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(Please call to order)

ROT 1 Controller

Visit our rotator cable page for high quality rotator  cables.

Compatible logging software for rotor control through computerhttp://alfaradio.ca/alfaspid_cpu_support.html


Frequently asked questions sheethttp://alfaradio.ca/downloads/Rotators_Controllers/ALFASPID-Rotator-FAQ-2002-09-25.pdf
Instruction manual, RAUAlfa_spid_rotators_files/AlfaSpid_RAK_1MAR2022.pdf
Instruction manual, RAKAlfa_spid_rotators_files/AlfaSpid_RAK_1MAR2022_1.pdf
Instruction manual, 
Big RAKAlfa_spid_rotators_files/AlfaSpid_RAK_1MAR2022_2.pdf
Instruction manual,
Ras (AZ/EL)Alfa_spid_rotators_files/AlfaSpid_RAS_1MAR2022%20.pdf
Instruction manual,
Big Ras (AZ/EL)Alfa_spid_rotators_files/AlfaSpid_RAS_1MAR2022%20_1.pdf
Instruction manual, 
ROT 1 controllerAlfa_spid_rotators_files/AlfaSpid_ROT1Prog_1MAR2022.pdf
Instruction manual, 
ROT 2 controllerAlfa_spid_rotators_files/AlfaSpid_ROT2Prog-1MAR2022.pdf

I have never seen a rotator that so steadied an antenna in spite of 50 mph winds as the Alfa Spid. My antennas do not budge as if there were no wind up there. They are 4 el ement Steppir's on 32 ft booms."


AlfaSpid RAS rotator
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