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Photo Contest 2017

First Place:  W7TUS station in Tucson, Arizona at sunset.  This is a great shot of Mike’s tower with SteppIR antenna and KF7P Metalwerks coax arms.  I can almost see the RF...

Second Place:  NG7M shows off his well grounded new 70’ tower base, complete with KF7P Metalwerks junction box, tower leg clamps, ground straps, and ground rod clamps.  Inset photo shows matching entry panel, rounding out full protection for expensive radios and amplifiers.

Third Place:  I thought this one was so cool because it is full of stuff I don’t normally consider!  NW6V has a little bit of everything in his entry panel, staying warm and dry inside a coffee granite powdercoated entry panel.

Honorable mention to K0AMA. Who doesn’t like a good construction project?   We’ve all been there....tools scattered, piles of dirt everywhere, greasy hands and kudos for a job well done.

Honorable mention to WC2L, with coax arms hanging out in the sunshine.  Bill’s tower sports an X9 and XM-240 plus a D3W and wire low band antennas.

Honorable mention to WA2TP with one clean shack!  I am a sucker for a good shack photo.  Who can’t be enamored with all the backlit meters, massive monitor, LED displays, and neat organization?