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Don’t chance cooking your computer with static or a lightning strike.  The TP-ESP-1000-POE is a low cost 1000Mbps Network POE Lightning/Surge 5KA protector to help protect equipment from surges due to lightning and grid power fluctuations. It is POE Compatible. It protects all 8 CAT5 pins with 7.5V clamp voltage on the data wires and 70V clamp voltage on the POE power wires. It has an all metal case and shielded RJ45 connectors for EMI suppression. There are 2 integral mounting feet and a separate 16AWG ground wire. 


Operating voltage:

Clamping voltage:

Max surge discharge current:

Protection mode:

Insulation resistance:

Shunt capacitance:

Date rate:

Response time:

Operating temperature:

Storage temperature:

Operating humidity:

Size: LxWxH


Ground wire:


IEC standard:

Tycon Power TP-ESP-1000 POE surge protector


Ethernet protection shown as installed in one of our entrance panels.  Gray cable is input from a wireless internet antenna, yellow cable is output to a router.  Green wire is grounded to copper sheet with a crimp on lug and self drilling screw.

Data 5v, POE 48v

5KA (8/20us)

100A (10/1000us)

Differential & common mode

>1000 Mohm

<25 pF

10/100/1000 Mbps

<5 ns

-40 to +85˚C

-40 to +125˚C

0% to 95% non condensing

4 x 1 x 1” (102 x 25 x 25mm)

3.1 oz. (88g.)

14 AWG, 10” long (26 cm)

RJ45 shielded jacks

61000-4-5, 61643-21

                   ETHERNET PROTECTION
Ethernet Surge Units

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User Reviews:  What are other hams saying about these products?
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Don’t forget to protect your data lines that enter/exit your radio room!   Transtector  DPR  Series  provides  a  full  range  of  data  line  protection   for  Point  to  Point,  Wi-­Fi,  WISP,  backhaul  and  PoE  enabled  terminal   applications.  The  DPR  product  family  offers  gas  tube,  SASD   and  hybrid  technology  options  providing  superior  cost  effective   commercial  grade  surge  protection  for  data  speeds  up  to  1  Gb/s.   All Polyphaser units can be installed in KF7P Entry Panel Boxes or Junction Boxes

* Proper grounding and bonding techniques required; see tech page for more information.

Models Available:                                                                                                      Price:

DPR-Base, RJ45 connectors,  protection for all 8 lines, GbE

Ethernet protector, RJ45 connectors


Engineering specifications