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Additional pulley with quick link.

Price:  $4.95

The engineered design of all of our rope is to maximize strength while providing excellent flexibility and handling while being resistant to harsh outdoor environments.  Our rope serves many applications and has special qualifications for use with antennas (wire or otherwise), tower and mast support, hauling, marine, banners, and signs. Other uses include shade sail support, tarping, and archers' bow string follower line. Also perfect for vertical structures such as scaffolding or tree limb control.

High breaking strength: Our ropes are made in USA mills and have the highest breaking strengths available in comparable diameters than our competitors.  Why pay for lower strength when you can get comparable rope that is much stronger?

Polyester vs. Dacron™, what is the difference?  Dacron™ is a registered trademark of the DuPont corporation.  Dacron™ is also double braided polyester rope (just like ours), but due to the trademarked name, it commands a higher selling price.  All of our rope is also double braided polyester.

Laughing at the elements:  All our rope is resistant to UV light, mildew, rot, and stretch (unlike nylon which does stretch).  It also has a very low coefficient of friction (it is somewhat slippery and can glide over tree limbs, etc. without digging in or sawing through.)

Double Braided Polyester Rope

When stealth matters, this is the rope for that “invisible” dipole.  With breaking strength of 450 pounds, this will keep your antenna up!  Price:  .14/ft.  Available in increments of 25 feet. Continuous lengths available up to 1200 feet;  email for details at Chris  at KF7P dot com.

1/8” Polyester Rope

Our most popular, general purpose antenna rope.  Breaking strength of 1300 pounds, almost twice that of most competitors rope! Perfect for wire antennas and guying of verticals and light masts.  Getting ready for field day?  This is the all around rope!  Price:  .19/ft.  Available in increments of 25 feet. Continuous lengths available up to 1200 feet; email for details at Chris  at KF7P dot com.

3/16” Polyester Rope 

Perfect for guying of verticals, masts, and light duty, temporary type towers, this rope boasts a breaking strength of 2600 pounds.  Price:  .30/ft.  Available in increments of 25 feet. Continuous lengths available up to 1200 feet; email for details at Chris  at KF7P dot com.

5/16” Polyester Rope


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Polyester Rope  aka Dacron™
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Are you an aspiring tower jockey?  Or just looking for a quality, made in USA rope that can handle all your tower construction products for decades to come?  This double braided polyester rope is perfect for general hauling, temporary guying, tramming, and gin pole use.  The 1/2” diameter is large enough to hold fast and has a nice soft sheath that is easy on your hands.  Breaking strength 7050 pounds!  (Yes, 7050#).  Price:  .52/ft.  Available in increments of 50 feet. Continuous lengths available up to 1200 feet; email for details at Chris  at KF7P dot com.

1/2’” Polyester Rope

Optional Accessories

1/2” rope

5/16” rope

3/16” rope

1/8” rope

304 Stainless steel pulley with stainless steel quick link.

Price:  $21.95

Rope Size        Breaking strength        Competitors strength        Color        Construction

1/8” rope          450 pounds                   420 pounds                           black        double braid

3/16” rope        1300 pounds                 770 pounds                           black        double braid

5/16” rope        2600 pounds                 1770 pounds                         black        double braid

1/2” rope          7050 pounds                 2150 pounds                         white        double braid

n4pat photo

Alpha Delta CIN antenna insulator for home-brew antennas.  Made from indestructible, UV stable plastic.  Sized for up to 1/4” rope and up to 8 gauge wire.

Price:  $2.95

Our 1/2” rope is great for gin pole/tower construction, and general purpose hauling!

Stainless steel “stealth” pulley, great for your “invisible” wire antennas!  Small 1” sheave and stainless steel frame.  Good for 3/32” to 3/16” rope.

Price:  $5.00